Welcome new and returning readers to the sixth issue of Public Diplomacy Magazine. This has been an exciting third year of production, made possible by the continued leadership of public diplomacy graduate students and support from a growing international network of scholars and practitioners.  The outgoing editorial team is pleased to present this latest collection of articles and interviews focusing on international broadcasting.

In today’s networked world, the communication tools that are utilized to document and illuminate the human experience are changing at a rapid rate.  So too are the agents and structure of organizations that have helped deliver information since the invention of the telegraph.  In seeking to make sense of such transformations, PD called upon various academic and professional experts to explain key factors that define modern-day forms of international broadcasting, in which media organizations must now take into account the voices of millions who are instantly connected to a vastly expanding universe of social media and digital communication resources.  Unlike previous issues, we have expanded our “At Post” section to include an interactive array of interviews with current and former members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors to provide an engaging comparative perspective on our theme.  We hope you enjoy the special insights that all of our contributors have so generously provided.

Since PD continues to remain primarily an online publication, we invite you to participate in collective dialogue and provide your feedback at www.publicdiplomacymagazine.com.  The outgoing team and I wish much success to the new editors who will undoubtedly guide PD to new levels of achievement.


Mark Preston


Senior Editors:

Taleen Ananian, Melanie Ciolek,

Babeeta Dhillon, Mariana Gonzalez Insua