PD has entered its second year and second phase of production led by a dedicated team of public diplomacy graduate students and support from scholars and practitioners in the field. We are excited to bring you this latest issue focusing on the subject of cultural diplomacy.

Governments, non-state actors, multinational corporations and influential individuals have all, at some point, utilized culture as a tool for communicating and relating to foreign as well as domestic audiences. While this is common practice, it is not always correctly identified as cultural diplomacy. Our goal in this issue is to bring together the history and theory that underpins this element of diplomacy in order to recognize its value as well as its limitations. Our lead articles, found under the heading “Connecting Through Culture” touch upon the numerous debates that surround cultural diplomacy as a practice.

Diplomacy continues to garner strong interest from policymakers and observers. With this in mind, we have pursued additional measures to improve PD as a forum for up-to-date and dynamic dialogue. We have taken measures to engage a broader audience by enhancing our print issue and reconstructing our virtual presence.

PD has always been first and foremost an online publication and our new site allows us to maintain our communication with readers between the releases of our biannual issues. Please visit us as www.publicdiplomacymagazine.org. We look forward to continuing this dialogue with you.


Tala Mohebi

Katharine Keith
Senior Editor

John Nahas
Senior Editor