Public Diplomacy Magazine Style Guide





Public Diplomacy Magazine adheres to historian Nicholas J. Cull’s model of public diplomacy. To learn more about contemporary public diplomacy and its components, please refer to the executive summary of Cull’s report Public Diplomacy: Lessons from the Past.

At Public Diplomacy Magazine, we use MLA style. For more in-depth guidelines, please see the Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide, or contact us with specific questions.

  • Please submit your work in 12 pt. font, double-spaced.
  • Periods should be followed by one space.

CORRECT: “Red, white, and blue.”

INCORRECT: “Red, white and blue.”

  • Be sure punctuation is inside quotation marks.

CORRECT: “Nice to meet you,” she said.

INCORRECT: “Nice to meet you”, she said.

  • Please use Americanized spellings where appropriate, such as “color” instead of “colour.” When referring to a name, such as “UK Energy Research Centre,” the original spelling should be used.
  • To format abbreviations, such as “Jan.,” or “US,” correctly, refer to this list.
  • Include all notes and citations as endnotes. See an example here.
  • When including photographs, cite the source and seek permission from the photographer when necessary.
  • Photographs must be a minimum of 800dpi.

Useful Resources

Please refer to Purdue OWL’s Citation Chart (MLA column) for correct formatting of book, journal, online, and other citations.

Please refer to the GLADD Media Reference Guide- Transgender Issues for helpful information on how to fairly and accurately write on LGBT issues.

To learn more about traditional United States Public Diplomacy, please refer to the United States Department of State’s Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs homepage.