4 thoughts on “Realizing Public Diplomacy Potential For Pacific Island Countries: The Case Of The Commonwealth

  1. An accurate assessment of the Pacific, up till the point of introducing the Commonwealth Group (laden with aristocratic and colonial baggage) as a suitable vehicle for Pacific Islands diplomacy and lobbying on their behalf to be a replacement to the kow-towing, ever lethargic, do-nothing, Pacific Islands Forum.

  2. The reality is that the Pacific Island Countries do not have the capacity to engage in global public diplomacy on their own. They need to develop an integrated strategy to engage in shared public diplomacy using whatever platforms they are provided. Right now, the PIF does not provide them with such a platform outside of a very small regional footprint in Australia and New Zealand. While it is true that the Commonwealth could provide them with a global platform (especially in the UK), the Commonwealth (like the PIF) does not appear to be interested at present in investing is such a service. This creates a glaring gap for other countries and international governmental organizations to step-in and provide the PICs with what they need to advance their political, economic, and social interests.

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