PD Magazine: You’ve gone through so many different fields and we’re curious, which field or career do you feel taught you the most that you’ve pulled into this new position?


TS: My new position is an amalgamation of many career paths and choices. The experience in broadcast journalism was a critical life skill in terms of communications and listening. The experience running a small Internet company was perfect training for the uphill climb of working on entrepreneurial ventures. My work in conflict resolution, and conflict prevention and conflict management is a key building block of public diplomacy. And my time with NGOs and civil society organizations gave me an appreciation for the hard work of building open, transparent and democratic societies and creating public diplomacy in ways that are respectful to other cultures and open to the multiplicity of voices and the diversity of views. So, each career choice has been a building block.


This quote has been edited for clarity, the full interview will be featured in the Winter 2013 issue, “Sports Diplomacy”