Public Diplomacy Magazine

Issue 22

Fall/Winter 2019

Article submissions due october 17, 2019.

magazine To be released December 2019.

In this current digital revolution,

Cybersecurity is a top federal priority for states globally. While cyber issues have become a point of great contention among state actors, it is also quickly becoming a platform drawing international actors - both in the private and public sector - to work side-by-side in creating innovative solutions that will tackle new cybersecurity issues. 

Articles in the CYBERDIPLOMACY PD MAG should highlight the: 

  • People,

  • Organizations,

  • Partnerships, 

  • and Creative Solutions that have arisen to protect the cyber sphere from the anti-democratizing effects of bad cyber policies

Questions that articles should seek to answer are:

  • Which states are rising ‘stars’ of cyberdiplomacy in the international arena?

  • How can lessons from the past inform the way that diplomats act in this digital age? 

  • What characteristics of states’ cyber-policies make them more attractive to foreign publics?

  • How has artificial intelligence (AI) been utilized to fight disinformation in foreign publics? 

  • How are individuals / NGOs acting as “ambassadors of digital diplomacy” in order to promote digital health and the design, development, and delivery of ethical cyber-products? How is their work impacting foreign publics? 

These are just a few questions to consider for issue 22, “cYBERDIPLOMACY,” Public Diplomacy Magazine. Be creative, partner with unlikely sources, and bring together innovative and diverse articles expanding the field of PD scholarship.