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Summer/Fall 2018 Issue

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About Public Diplomacy Magazine

Public Diplomacy Magazine is a student-run publication of the Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars (APDS) at the University of Southern California, with support from the USC Center on Public Diplomacy and the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Its unique mission is to provide a common forum for the views of both scholars and practitioners from around the globe, in order to explore key concepts in the study and practice of public diplomacy. PD Magazine is published annually in print and on the web at

Recent Articles

The Role of Cities in Countering Violent Extremism

by Mike Duffin

On Public (and Private) Tango Diplomacy

by Melissa Fitch

LA 2028

An Interview with LA Bid Committee CEO Gene Sykes

City Diplomacy and Urban Difference

by Sam Tabory

City Diplomacy in the Age of Brexit and Trump

By Benjamin Leffel and Michele Acuto

Featured Articles

Read a selection of articles from past and present issues

Revitalizing the Rust Belt

An Interview with Steve Tobocman

Benjamin R. Barber (1939-2017): An Appreciation

By Nicholas J. Cull

Branding Vilnius

By Darius Udrys

Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Agreement Shines Light on City Climate Leadership

by Emmanuelle Pinault and Agathe Cavicchioli

Positioning Brisbane as a New World City

An Interview with John Aitken

101 for Amman

An Interview with Nabeel Abu-Ata

The Evolution of the Post-Soviet Russian Media

An Interview with Vasily Gatov

Game on? Public Diplomacy of the Olympic Bid

By Aaron Beacom

Stalled U.S.-Cuba Détente and the Uncertain Future of Cuba’s National Pastime

By Peter Bjarkman

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